TEFCOLD (UK) work closely with manufacturers throughout the world to source quality brands to import into the UK. Where we identify a requirement in the market place we work closely with factories to innovate, design and bring to market quality commercial catering and refrigeration to our exacting specification.

Arcaboa Arcaboa A Portuguese company specialising in quality display freezers for supermarkets and convenience stores. Their core range of the Super, Panoramica and Vision can all be mutliplexed to create fantastic freezers runs. They also produce the popular CHV range of island jumbo freezers that are a favourite of small supermarkets and mini marts Elcold Elcold Elcold is a premium manufacturer mainly of commercial chest freezers. Founded in Denmark in 1961 it has become a global brand exporting to over 75 countries around the world. Interlevin have been partners with Elcold for several decades and work closely to bring innovative commercial chest freezers to market. Elstar Elstar Elstar is a brand that has a long history in the UK going back 30 years. It made its name manufacturing highly efficient and eco friendly back bar coolers. Elstar now provides a range of display and storage refrigeration units that can be relied on day in, day out at a great price. Framec Framec Italian based Framec have been at the forefront of commercial refrigeration for many years. They have produced a premium range of cabinets that many people insist on. Their Expo 1100 series and J Range of ice cream units are popular with catering professionals who want quality and reliability. They constantly innovate and update their range. Frilixa Frilixa Frilixa have worked closely with Interlevin for many years developing new innovative, reliable products. They specialise in display multidecks and serveovers which are renown for their quality and reliability. Gemm Gemm Founded in 1999, GEMM is a young and dynamic company that operates in the professional refrigeration sector, providing high-performance equipment, designed with the utmost attention to details and cutting-edge technology. Interlevin Interlevin Interlevin products are sourced from carefully chosen factories in Denmark, Portugal and China that we have close links with. Product is chosen and manufactured to our high specification and quality to suit specifically the UK market making the Interlevin badge one you can trust. Interlevin Italia Range Interlevin Italia Range The Interlevin Italia Range is sourced from 2 factories in Italy. Cabinet are manufactured to our exacting requirements and high standards to suit key areas in the UK market place. All products are fully tested in our in house testing facility to make sure they perform in the way our customers expect. ISA ISA ISA was established in 1963 in Bastia Umbra (Italy) and has become a global leader in some of the best quality commercial refrigeration available in the marketplace today. They are best known for their stunning ice cream displays. Promek Promek Beverage dispensers are what Promek specialise in. We love their range of excellent quality juice and milk dispensers. Well designed and manufactured to the highest standard. Due to the nature of the product and having to clean it regularly a clever yet simple design approach make them hygienic and simple to use and keep clean. Staycold Staycold We have been selling Staycold products for many years. Made in South Africa they are made to work in their hot climate which means their units admirably cope with the highs and lows of British weather. If you want the best out of your glass door merchandisers Staycold is a great option. Tecfrigo Tecfrigo A large Italian manufacturer producing a vast range of refrigeration and catering products. Their range of premium display units are very popular in the UK. We stock a great range of buffet and glass display units suitable for restaurants, cafes, and delis. Tefcold Tefcold Tefcold are a global brand manufacturing in Europe, Turkey and China. They have vast knowledge and experience of refrigeration and professional catering products and produce many of our best selling cabinets. Tefcold G-Line Tefcold G-Line Quality and value product range from the Danish supplier Tefcold Trimco Trimco A well respected brand based in Portugal, Trimco have been selling commercial refrigeration into the UK for many years. Now part of the Frilixa family their product range has been developed and refined over the years with popular units like the Zurich and Flash being at the forefront of the Trimco product range.