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    About TEFCOLD (UK)

    At TEFCOLD (UK), your business is at the heart of everything we do. Since our inception as Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd in 1967, we’ve dedicated ourselves to leading the way in commercial refrigeration. As part of the TEFCOLD Group since 2018, we bring you the same outstanding products and service, enriched by our extensive history and expertise.

    You can count on us for a comprehensive selection of top-quality equipment, with the most extensive stockholding in the UK, ensuring that the right product is always available for your immediate needs. Our premium delivery service, covering the UK and Ireland, is designed with your convenience in mind. Your business demands fast, reliable support, which is why we offer a dedicated team for spare parts and a vast inventory of critical spares ready for next-day delivery. By choosing TEFCOLD (UK), you’re not just picking a supplier; you’re gaining a partner committed to supporting your business’s dynamic needs, affirming our role as an industry leader.

    Why choose TEFCOLD (UK)?

    Investing in a TEFCOLD (UK) refrigerator is a wise decision, balancing performance, efficiency and customer appeal regardless of your business or sector. Whether you run a pub, bar or restaurant, café or takeaway, or a food shop or convenience store, here’s why a TEFCOLD (UK) refrigerator would be an excellent choice:

    • Energy efficiency: TEFCOLD refrigerators are energy-efficient, helping reduce your electricity costs. This is particularly beneficial in retail, where refrigerators are constantly used.
    • Reliability and durability: Renowned for their robustness, our refrigerators can withstand the rigours of commercial retail, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements in your business.
    • Temperature consistency: Our units maintain consistent temperatures, crucial for keeping your perishable goods fresh and safe, helping reduce food waste.
    • Variety of models: TEFCOLD (UK) offers a wide range of models, including upright, under-counter and multideck display refrigerators. This variety provides you with the flexibility to choose the right fit for your specific business needs.
    • Aesthetic appeal: Our contemporary designs can enhance the overall look of your retail space, making it more attractive to your customers.
    • Compliance: TEFCOLD (UK) refrigerators comply with UK and EU regulations for commercial refrigeration, ensuring your business meets legal standards.
    • Customisation: We can offer customisation of cabinet if sufficient cabinets are ordered to provide cabinets that meet your specific needs
    • Custom Branding: We specialise in branding cabinets to help advertise our customers brands. We print and brand in house to meet your requirement and maintain high quality.
    • Noise: Operating at lower noise levels, our commercial refrigerators are ideal for your retail environment, where customer comfort is a priority.
    • After-sales support: At TEFCOLD (UK), we pride ourselves on our reliable after-sales support and service, an essential aspect of your business that relies on refrigeration equipment.
    • Environmentally friendly: Many models use eco-friendly refrigerants and materials, aligning with your sustainability goals and appealing to environmentally conscious customers.

    Different name, same great products

    Choosing TEFCOLD (UK) for your commercial refrigeration needs means opting for quality and reliability. Though we’ve transitioned from Interlevin Refrigeration to TEFCOLD (UK) and become part of the TEFCOLD Group, our commitment to offering you the finest products remains steadfast. With our rich heritage dating back to 1967, we bring decades of expertise directly to your business.

    You’ll benefit from our vast selection of top-tier refrigeration and catering products, carefully curated to meet your specific requirements. Our extensive stockholding ensures that the equipment you need is always ready for prompt delivery. Plus, with our dedicated service engineers and a ready supply of critical spare parts, you can count on us for unwavering support and service. At TEFCOLD (UK), we’re not just a supplier; we’re you’re partner in your success, committed to providing the same great products with a name you can trust.