Bar and Counter Display Chillers

If you run a pub, bar or restaurant, maximising your drinks displays to ensure they look as attractive as possible is essential. Today’s drinkers are more discerning than ever. From craft beers, wine and prosecco, and artisan cider to premium soft drinks and mixers, they know the latest trends and want to give the latest tipples a try. Branding and product image now take centre stage, driving impulse buys and repeat orders. Once drinkers settle on their favourite brand, they tend to stick with it for the duration of their visit.  

Yet with so many products all fighting for attention, the way you display your chilled bottles and cans will go a long way to helping your hospitality business take advantage of the latest trends and buying habits. Making the most of your available display space and showing off your full product range can be a challenge. That’s where TEFCOLD can help.

Bar and counter display solutions from Interlevin TEFCOLD

TEFCOLD’s range of chilled bar and counter displays keep your canned and bottled drinks at the optimum temperature for maximum refreshment while helping you to create eye-catching, attractive displays that make an impact on thirsty customers. We can take care of all your back bar and cooler requirements, from undercounters to upright displays. We also supply a great range of countertop coolers and impulse units to drive those spontaneous purchases. Whatever your budget, we offer a wide range of chilled bar and counter display units which can be tailored to your operations.

We have single, double and triple door models with hinged and sliding options. Many models come with bespoke merchandising options such as light canopies. They also come in a range of finishes, from standard white to powder-coated black or stainless steel, to help blend with your décor and enhance your environment. All our units feature latest sustainable technologies, such as natural refrigerants, high-efficiency EC fans and LED lighting, to help you reduce your energy consumption and meet your carbon reduction targets.


TEFCOLD has been at the forefront of the commercial refrigeration and catering sector for more than 50 years. In that time, we’ve forged a strong reputation for innovation, anticipating and creating many of the trends that have driven change in the marketplace. We work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment to source and develop the latest products and technologies and bring them to the UK. All the products we supply are known for their performance, reliability and efficiency, to help our customers streamline their operations, optimise their workspaces and create dazzling food and drink displays. 

We offer a large range of commercial refrigerated bar and counter display cases appealing to our customers’ budget and operational requirements, throughout the UK and Ireland. With an extensive, unrivalled stockholding, we can get most of our products to customers quickly, even at short notice, to help you keep your business running smoothly.  Our products are all backed by exceptional installation, customer service and aftersales support, with your satisfaction our number one priority.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our supermarket and convenience store refrigeration can enhance your retail business, call us on 01332 850090 or email We’d love to hear from you.

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