Interlevin products are sourced from carefully chosen factories in Denmark, Portugal and China that we have close links with. Product is chosen and manufactured to our high specification and quality to suit specifically the UK market making the Interlevin badge one you can trust.

BM8710 Range Interlevin BM8710 Range £150.00 LJD Range Interlevin LJD Range Prices from: £926.00 SL2 Interlevin SL2 £2164.00 Aquarius Range Interlevin Aquarius Range Prices from: £1086.00 PD10H Interlevin PD10H £776.00 PD20 Range Interlevin PD20 Range Prices from: £970.00 PD30 Range Interlevin PD30 Range Prices from: £1292.00 PD10H SS Interlevin PD10H SS £1024.00 PD20H SS Interlevin PD20H SS £1295.00 PD30H SS Interlevin PD30H SS £1720.00 EC10H Interlevin EC10H £908.00 EC20 Range Interlevin EC20 Range Prices from: £1135.00 EC30H Interlevin EC30H £1512.00 GF Range Interlevin GF Range Prices from: £1568.00 PD-Upright Range Interlevin PD-Upright Range £2017.00 PD-Upright Range SS Interlevin PD-Upright Range SS £1650.00 SC381W Interlevin SC381W £917.00 SC381 Range Interlevin SC381 Range Prices from: £793.00 LGC Range Interlevin LGC Range Prices from: £1900.00 LCT Flat Range Interlevin LCT Flat Range Prices from: £934.00 LCT Curved Range Interlevin LCT Curved Range Prices from: £968.00 LPD Flat Range Interlevin LPD Flat Range Prices from: £2799.00 LPD Curved Range Interlevin LPD Curved Range Prices from: £2918.00 Bellini Range Interlevin Bellini Range Prices from: £1492.00 Chopin Range Interlevin Chopin Range Prices from: £1740.00 Bellini Hot Range Interlevin Bellini Hot Range £3816.00 LGF2500 Interlevin LGF2500 £2279.00 LGF5000 Interlevin LGF5000 £3514.00 LGF7500 Interlevin LGF7500 £5209.00 CAR410 Interlevin CAR410 £1785.00 CAR900 Interlevin CAR900 £2966.00 CAR1390 Interlevin CAR1390 £3702.00 CAR650 Interlevin CAR650 £1920.00 CAR1250 Interlevin CAR1250 £3238.00 PH Range Interlevin PH Range Prices from: £1756.00 LHF Range Interlevin LHF Range Prices from: £742.00 LHF SS Range Interlevin LHF SS Range Prices from: £806.00 CAF410 Interlevin CAF410 £2001.00 CAF900 Interlevin CAF900 £3222.00 CAF1390 Interlevin CAF1390 £4419.00 CAF650 Interlevin CAF650 £2101.00 CAF1250 Interlevin CAF1250 £3457.00 PHF Range Interlevin PHF Range Prices from: £1977.00