Ventilated Ice Cream Displays

Ice cream and gelato is a food market with growth that shows no signs of abating. Consumer demand for ever more exotic flavours and products which look great for social media have led the big brands and smaller artisan producers to flood the market with delicious, sweet frozen treats. The key to taking a scoop of this highly lucrative market segment is to offer products that combine quality with flavour and value. How you display them is crucial.

With more and more consumers letting their eyes lead their bellies and being tempted into impulse buying by what they see, creating mouth-watering ice cream and gelato displays is a must. Ventilated ice cream scooping cabinets hold the key, particularly for more high-end products. They are fan-assisted to ensure even cooling around the whole cabinet. This helps to create a more consistent temperature for ice cream or gelato so that you can serve up the perfect scoop every time while maintaining quality, texture and flavour.

What are ventilated ice cream displays?

TEFCOLD’s range of ventilated ice cream displays is perfect for selling higher-quality ice cream or gelato, where scooping temperature is critical to the enjoyment of the product. Fan-assisted ventilation forces cold air around the cabinet, which helps maintain a consistent and even holding temperature throughout. They are perfect for busy retail environments, where the cabinet is being opened regularly, allowing the cold air to escape. Ventilated ice cream displays help to preserve the look of the product and reduce unsightly ice crystals forming on top of the ice cream or gelato, which can affect its texture and flavour.

Like all our ice cream scooping cabinets, they are designed to provide maximum product visibility so  you can tempt your customers with mouth-watering and enticing ice cream displays. We stock a wide range of ventilated ice cream displays designed to accommodate an array of flavours, so you can create a colourful presentation of your frozen treats. They provide easy access via the rear of the unit, which helps optimise counter service while ensuring you can keep your display topped up with produce. All models are integral, meaning they can be in operation within minutes of taking delivery – just plug them in, and you’re good to go. They also use the latest sustainable technologies, such as natural refrigerants and high-efficiency EC fans, to help you reduce your energy consumption and meet your carbon reduction targets.


TEFCOLD has been at the forefront of the commercial refrigeration and catering sector for more than 50 years. In that time, we’ve forged a strong reputation for innovation, anticipating and creating many of the trends that have driven change in the marketplace. We work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment to source and develop the latest products and technologies and bring them to the UK.

All the products we supply are known for their performance, reliability and efficiency, to help our customers streamline their operations, optimise their workspaces and create dazzling food and drink displays. We offer a large range of commercial ventilated ice cream display cases appealing to our customers’ budget and operational requirements throughout the UK and Ireland.

With an extensive, unrivalled stockholding, we can quickly deliver our products to customers at short notice, to help you keep your business running smoothly. Our products are all backed by exceptional customer service and aftersales support, with your satisfaction our number one priority. If you’re interested in finding out more about how our refrigeration can enhance your retail or catering business, call us on 01332 850090 or